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Joos's journal


Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds

I am in my house In Spain now, sitting on my terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Reading, for the second time, a book by Lynn Andrews: Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds.
Although the book is about the sacred initiation during menopause, I just know that it applies to all of us at this time, whatever our age, whatever our gender.
While reading, I just sense, smell, feel, the content of the book. As if it is happening to me, right now.
I want to read out loud to you, reader of this diary, some paragraphs, as if you are sitting here with me:

“… I walked out of the forest into a meadow. The wild grass was green, lush, damp with morning dew. It reached above my knees, and I walked slowly, breathing deeply the aroma of fresh northern air. The scent of spring flowers was heady and relaxed me. I felt joyous. The thought of meeting with Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds had lifted my spirits greatly. I knew that I was passing through a gateway under a great elk skin, a symbol for the movement of a woman from one stage of life into another. This was not a quick passing. It was a long journey, one that had to be thoughtful and digested. I wanted to nourish that part of myself that was changing. I wanted to help myself feel comfortable. My consciousness was deep inside my own womb, and I felt the need for rest. I felt the need for peace, for a pulling together of the fragments of my life into one great shield of power and love…"

“…Remove my veils, she said. I stood up slowly, my hands trembling. I felt the gossamer material, soft, silken between my fingers, and with excitement I slowly lifted the veil and arranged it behind the head of Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds. At first the radiance of her face blinded my eyes. Soften your vision, she said. Don’t give away your power – remember who you are.
She was a most extraordinary woman. She was not young and she was not old. I could not tell what nationality she was. She seemed to encompass all of what is female. Her face was so very beautiful to look at. She held intelligence in her gaze. She was dressed simply in flowing cloth that seemed to hold gold and silver light from the sun and the moon. She was like an angel to me, and I felt and extraordinary depth of love for her and coming from her heart. She put her arms around me and she held me, as I had so often imagined the Great Mother holding me in her arms. I felt a comfort like no other. It was then for the first time that I understood the need for comforting as I moved through this gateway, and I knew that she understood all of my strengths and my frailties…"

“… You will hear my voice, my daughter, and you will see my face in all the named and nameless things. Listen well, for I am here for you and all who pass my way.
Her voice was like a whisper on the wind as she slowly disappeared from view…"