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Joos's journal


Planetary meditation (2)

Since a few days I am in my house in Spain. The house is round and all rooms flow into one another.
I always have the feeling that I have an energetic connection with this home. I look after it’s energetic state and the house takes care of me. This implies a lot.
This time I felt that something was lacking.
Then I received an email from Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, in which they wrote that we can listen to the planetary meditation on their website:
I was drawn to this like a magnet.
Without being bothered about someone else being present in the room I was seated behind my computer for an hour and followed the meditation, at times apologizing towards my dear husband who said that all was well and that he liked the music.
In this way I participated in the planetary meditation, at a different hour, at a different place.
Now when we walk on the beach and look back towards the house we see that it is radiating more than it ever has.


The wonder of nature

It seems like the old is shifting and the new has not yet arrived in a tangible form.
I find my footing in this new territory by noticing the predictable in the cycles of nature: the beauty of the blooming shrubs, the sounds of the birds…
After this it will be summer, autumn, winter…
The cycles of personal life are harder to forecast.
It seems like I am traversing a kind of no man’s land, with ever changing forms and nothing to hold on to.
I feel that life continues and find comfort in sensing my body.
It functions, just like all of nature, in such an ingenious manner that I am in awe for the Creator of all of this.


Planetary meditation

Last Sunday, on Palm Sunday, Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion had organized a planetary meditation.
Beforehand, Tom had given us instructions about the way to prepare for this event.
He told us that the earth is surrounded by a sphere of light, at a distance of approximately 60 miles. That is the soul of the earth, the Christ consciousness.
We can help to balance the earth by imagining that we are connecting to the center of the earth, and simultaneously the sphere of light, and to Alcione, the center of the Pleiades.
I was not able to participate during the meditation, because I was driving the car at that hour. My spirit was present though. I could feel it in my seventh chakra.
A few days ago Tom Kenyon sent us and email to tell about his experience during the meditation. He saw an immense etheric light pouring into those who had joined the meditation. While they were connecting with the Celestial Soul of earth, a gigantic
luminous white serpentine energy, spiraled out of the galactic core of the Milky Way and entered into the center of the earth. It then began to emanate a very intense white light from the core outward. Tom interpreted this as both a blessing and as an evolutionary catalyst for humanity.
In my opinion, Tom is a down-to-earth person, reliable.
People can be a vital link between heaven and earth.
My heart rejoices.