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Joos's journal


Moving with the flow

By trusting my feelings and by making as little drama as possible in my mind I succeed in not being trapped by my judgment about what is happening in my life.
It is very clear to me now that it is not good for me to remain stuck in my thoughts about situations.
By letting go, surrendering, trusting and enjoying the fundamental goodness that is here at this moment I remain connected with the everlasting current of life that does not evolve around my conflicts.
What is happening in my life is the scenery of the play that evolves at this moment.
By letting go of my thoughts about the situation I do not remain stuck in older versions of the spectacle.
I then move with the flow.




Living in the silence I especially encounter my temperament.
Those sides of me that I have not been willing to face, nor experience, all of the time I have lived.
I now let them be, trusting that the unpolished edges will amalgamate into a strong core in the silent eternal space.




I have the impression that life sends us constantly more energy, which arouses the feeling that the boat we are sailing is riding ever higher waves.
By returning to the silence within I keep my balance and find the courage to be true to who I am.
That is the challenge all of us are facing.



Living in the silence

I love to live in the silence.
Sometimes life brings me obstacles that disturb this state of being.
In such a case I need to follow my intuition and have faith in guidance.
The intuition often makes herself known in an uncomfortable manner.
In such a case I get irritated, feel sad or angry and lose the harmony with myself.
By understanding what is the true message behind those feelings, and by having the courage to pursue guidance, the disharmony dissolves.
I notice that I have done the right thing when the pieces of the puzzle have rearranged themselves.
After dissolving the disruption I often notice that the friction has created an opening towards gaining inner strength.
At such a moment I return to living in the silence.