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Joos's journal


The new year

Let us celebrate on this first day of the New Year that a cycle has come to an end and that windows are opening towards a territory that has not been charted before.
By bringing our attention to our hearts and by focusing on a value like joy, tenderness, playfulness, peace, freedom, wisdom, integrity, grace, we ease the process of transition towards a new form, not only for ourselves, but also for the earth and for the people who live on it.
We are co-creators.
On January 1st, 2012, many people around the world will participate in a wave of peace for the highest good of all.
We can connect to this.
Not only are we receivers of energy, we are senders as well.



Peace on earth

I notice that, on this day of the solstice, all kinds of things come to light that are not in alignment with my highest being.
By tuning in to and resonating with a field of grace, wellbeing and gentleness I open my heart for the rebirth of the light.
The light in my heart wants peace on earth for all beings.
I softly surrender to this. 



Winter solstice

The world is preparing for something grand, even though we read in the newspaper about the dark edges of this change.
A new consciousness is born, a consciousness we can connect to, each of us in our own unique manner.
We cannot understand this with our thinking anymore, that is not necessary, because the true change is transmitted through an awareness in our hearts.
We sense whether something is true, and whether something is suited for us or rather not.
I notice that it is important to feel myself, and to relax in a kind of juicy enjoyment of my body.
This consciousness will assist and support us when we indicate clearly what we want.
Thus we are nearing and are being neared by the invisible eternal.
Allowing and entrusting are important themes.
It is about yielding to the unknown that is on the verge of being lived.