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Joos's journal



I am alone for a few weeks and enjoy listening to what my inner self has to say.
The importance of attending to and returning to the silence in myself is a theme that shows itself in all kinds of manners.
Also the necessity of having my attention in my centre, in the middle of my body, is presented to me in a very convincing way. I then remain in my power centre. More than ever I am aware that I weaken myself when I leave this place.
All signs point in this direction.
Exploring the spiritual dimension truly is a never-ending source of inspiration.


Between two worlds

I have the feeling of living between two worlds.
On the one hand there is a strong urge to direct my attention inwards, and to find time and space to be alone.
On the other hand the Spanish sun draws me outward, and inspires me to enjoy what’s there.
Yesterday the full moon was magnificent, and seemed so very near. A large band of light reflected on the water. After sunrise the big reddish yellow sphere was still visible. Then she sank in the ocean.