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Joos's journal



Since the death of my dear husband, I move through a period of transition.
I feel that a deeper layer of myself wants to present herself.
My thinking mind cannot make sense of this, and that’s why I have planned to write a poem every day, so that irrational thoughts get a chance to guide me in setting the course that’s indicated by my deeper self.
I'm glad I can write again.



We are held

Sometimes the masculine appears in my paintings, even though I intend to paint the feminine.
Two years ago I started this painting, and when I saw the image I didn't like it at first, but I could not do much about it.
In the meantime, my life has changed. My dear husband died.
The painting offers me comfort, because I see that he is in safe hands.
I also realize the importance of the masculine power that is part of me: The capacity of manifesting in the world, of bringing forward my deeper longings.
To not only listen to my desires, but also take initiative to bring them into form.
A new road has opened. I'm curious.