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Joos's journal


Loving myself

Loving myself, my own life, is a lesson I learn, every time anew.
The lesson comes back in all kinds of new forms.
Especially when I feel rejected, abandoned by someone else.

I send love to the deeper regions of my body.
My creativity lives there, new ideas to continue with my life.
Without feeling overwhelmed by the behavior of someone else.
That's where space for myself is important, space for doing what I am here for.
It's okay if I forget from time to time.
Because that's also part of my life.



Abstract paintiing

Sometimes I feel the need for renewal of my style of painting.
This painting is inspired by a warmup lesson for exploring cubism.
I enjoyed giving a color to the many facets of her body.



Love envelops me like a protective cloak

Love envelops me like a protective cloak.
This is idea 87 from my book Wholeness Complete.
It dawns on me ever more that I can be completely how I am in all my humanity.
Sad, angry, jealous, indignant, critical, insecure, timid, afraid to fail in the eyes of the people around me because I think I'm not living up to their expectations…
Everything is good.
The conviction that I should be different from the way I feel is so deeply imprinted.
I let today's idea sink in deeply and feel relieved.