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Joos's journal



Last weekend I attended a workshop, which was led by Tom Kenyon. It was held in Mijas, a village near Malaga, in Spain.
Tom teaches co-creation. He has the insight and the methods to teach us how to create new neurological realities in our brains. He coaches us by way of sound healing and by teaching us to apply sacred geometrical figures to our bodies, and to our brains.
Why would one want to do this?
I have a feeling that we do not use the networks in our brains in an optimal manner, because of old vicious circles.
It runs parallel to the negative patterns on the psychological plane, which I described earlier in the meeting place of this website. Tendencies which tend to disturb our peace of mind.
So I now know of two ways to create a more balanced state for ourselves. One is by reminding ourselves of our heart’s intentions. The other one is by applying the sacred geometrical patterns around our bodies, or in our brains.
At the end of the workshop we held a long meditation, to extend the acquired balance to the earth.
I am in my house in Spain now. It takes time to integrate all of this.