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Joos's journal


The Beloved has many forms

We flew back to Holland a few days ago.
Since I have a problem with the writing program on my computer I spend a lot of time trying to solve this.
However, up till now, unsuccesfull.
On my desk I have the book Burning questions by Isaac Shapiro and Annie Williams.
Reading the book and experiencing what is written is a splendid spiritual practise while I am waiting for the installing and de-installing of programs on my computer.
The most beautiful sentence in the book:

We can receive our experience as the Beloved.



The wind

Every day we walk for an hour on the beach. We turn at the little guard house.
Today I doubted whether I would go, because the wind was strong. It blew from the South East; in Spain they name this type of wind Levante.
I saw some brown, gentle horses grazing on the grass that grows on the beach. This view invited me to come and be there too.
Going was easy, the wind kind of made me fly.
After turning around the sand blew in my face and the wind pushed me almost into the water. I saw the sun smile gently, the waves of the ocean were very near.
It was like swimming against the stream: One wonders whether one will ever move forward.
On the way out I had seen some stones that could be used to fortify the lowest steps of the stairs that lead from our house to the beach. The storm had loosened the sand underneath the rock that makes up one of these steps.
On the way home the stones were still in the same place and I picked them up. Having one in each hand made me heavier and lighter at the same time, because they made me forget about the storm.
I silently laid them down in the sand at the bottom of the stairs. They will be there until they are used to fortify the lowest step of the stairs that lead towards the beach.