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Joos's journal


The light of one candle

Last night the monsters of my mind were knocking at my door.
Mental fingers were grabbing me; they tore me away from peaceful sleep and blocked the entrance towards the temple of my soul where deeper levels of love are waiting to embrace all that I am.
Then I felt a little flame inside me. It reminded me of harmonic states I have known before.

May the flame of my heart unlearn to waver at the slightest turmoil.
May the flame of my heart thrive.
May the flame of our hearts lighten our lives.

In the dark we only need the light of one candle to brighten us.

Blessings for all,




Yesterday I visited a Tzolkin day.
The people who had organized the event had calculated the galactic signature, according to the Tzolkin, of the candidates for presidency of the U.S.
It turned out that both candidates have the same "kin" (out of 260 possibilities): Red skywalker on tone 4.
One of the meanings of Red skywalker is courage. The courage to take important decisions, the courage of love.
Tone 4 signifies the fundament, the measure, the order of things.
I have the feeling we are at the beginning of dawn.

This morning I realized for the first time that José Arguelles, in his book The Mayan Factor, calls the 26 energy points in the body galactic activation points.
By touching these points we learn how to resonate with the greater total, with our Presence.